The Future of Hip Surgery

The Future of Hip Surgery

Drs Fassina, Munt and Baird of AOTS – Orthorobotics are pleased to announce the launch of Robotic Assisted Hip Replacement surgery. As of June 2016, in conjunction with Burnside Hospital, AOTS – Orthorobotics will be able to offer their patients this innovative procedure which some, including Australian own Professor Ross Crawford, have referred to as “an important step in towards a medical revolution”.

The same Stryker Mako Robot that has been used to implant approximately 280 partial knee replacements in Australian (since April 2015) and over 80000 world wide, is used to assist with implant positioning during this surgery. This robotic platform allows our surgeons to accurately and reproducibly implant total hip replacement components independent of the surgical approach (anterior approach, direct lateral approach or a posterior approach). The system is compatible for use with implants which have a long and proven track record on the AOA National Australian Joint Replacement Registry.

The system utilises a specialised pre-operative CT scan which allows a patient-specific surgical plan to be formulated. This planning includes accurate implant sizing and orientation of both the acetabular and femoral components to restore the centre of hip rotation, leg length and offset.

Intra-operatively adjustments can be made to allow for guided femoral neck resection and real time confirmation of femoral component positioning.

The surgeon controlled Robotic arm then allows for assisted acetabular preparation and cup impaction with tactile feedback, 3-D visualisation and auditory guidance facilitating this process.

The system allows for an accurate centre of rotation to be established with minimal bone resection in order to maximise cup fixation with hemispherical reaming. Studies indicate that acetabular cup alignment is accurately and reproducibly matched to the 3D plan.

At the conclusion of the surgery the system allows for real time testing which confirms the accuracy of the patient-specific plan.


Australian-first robot-assisted hip replacement performed in Brisbane, Brisbane Times, April 19 2016.

MAKOplasty® Hip Animation (video)