Robotic Total Hip Replacement Surgery

Robotic Total Hip Replacement Surgery

In June 2016, Dr Munt, Dr Baird and Dr Fassina completed their certification to perform MAKOplasty Robotic Total Hip Replacement Surgery.

This training course involved an intensive workshop including case planning and surgeries performed at Macquarie University in Sydney, NSW. International expert and world leader in the field of robotic hip replacement surgery, Dr Richard Illgen led the course. Dr Illgen has helped pioneer robotic-assisted hip and knee replacement and serves as an international expert and mentor in these techniques.

Dr Munt, Dr Baird and Dr Fassina, of AOTS-Orthorobotics, are pleased to be the only surgeons in South Australia, and three of a select number of surgeons around Australia to be able to offer this innovative treatment option to their patients for the management of hip arthritis.




Coupled with the MAKOplasty Partial Knee Replacement Surgery, our surgeons look forward to offering patients a comprehensive treatment plan for their hip and/or knee condition.

We welcome all referrals for those suffering from hip arthritis now. If you would like further information on MAKOplasty Total Hip Replacement Surgery please visit or contact us via email: or phone on (08) 7325 4800.

Live the life you want without arthritic pain holding you back.